Zarges 40708 Työkalulaatikko (750x350x310 mm)

The larger of the Zarges Eurobox toolboxes, the Zarges 40708 aluminium case can be utilised for tools and components (when used with the insert trays sold separately) or as a standard aluminium case. Regardless of the end application, the Zarges 40708 aluminium case provides excellent protection from impact, will not rust, is lightweight and easy to handle and is also very cost effective.

Internal Dimensions (mm): 750 x 350 x 310 | Colour: Aluminium metal AddThis Sharing Buttons

Valmiina toimitukseen 2-3 työpäivää
SKU 40708 + 2x40625+1x40624
Internal Dimensions 750 x 350 x 310 mm
Tarjoushinta 335 € 270 € Regular Price 402 €

Zarges 40708 Aluminium Container Details & Uses

The Zarges Eurobox range, including the Zarges 40708 aluminium case, is renowned as a high quality solution that offers optimum protection for a number of applications. The Zarges Eurobox 40708 is no different, being a great choice if you are looking for good value without sacrificing performance.

This aluminium protective case is also stackable, impact and temperature resistant, and has secure snap fasteners and ergonomic, heavy duty handles for extra security. The foam seal in the lid also ensures that the Zarges 40708 aluminium case provides optimum protection for its' contents. From sports kit to electronics, model making and craft equipment to tools, the Zarges 40708 case will keep them safe and secure.

Added Benefits of Aluminium Cases

As well as this, the Zarges 40708 aluminium case can also be turned into a fully customisable toolbox using the special toolbox inserts (sold separately). This flexibility ensures that the Zarges 40708 Eurobox can be used to store tools, small mechanical, electrical or electronic components, fishing tackle, model making items, screws, nails or anything else that needs to be clearly sorted.

The aluminium construction also ensures it is lightweight, easy to clean, resistant to extreme climates and temperatures, will not rust and can be fully recycled. All this means the Zarges 40708 aluminium case is so much more than a standard toolbox!

Please note: The blue plastic trays shown in the photo are not included in the standard product. See products 40624 and 40625 to order.

For large quantities or bespoke orders regarding the Zarges 40708 aluminium case, please contact a member of our team.

Key Features of a Zarges Toolbox:

  • Aluminium Stackable Case
  • Stainless Steel Hinges
  • Foam seal in lid
  • Impact-resistant blue stacking corners
  • Two Ergonomic, Heavy-duty sprung handles
  • Secure snap fasteners
  • High quality beaded and welded construction
  • Extra toolbox supports for use with inserts 40624 and 40625
  • Zarges 40708 aluminium case can accept 4 off 40624 inserts
  • Zarges 40708 aluminium case can accept 2 off 40625 with 1 off 40624 inserts
Paino 6.7000
Brand Zarges
IP-Grade Ei
Durability Medium Duty Protective Cases
Valmistusmaa Saksa
Internal Dimensions 750 x 350 x 310 mm
Ulkomitat 800 x 400 x 340 mm
Lid Height 0 mm
Pohjan korkeus 310 mm
Tilavuus (L) 81L
Warranty Ei
Pyörät Kyllä
Matkustamo koko Ei
Sertifikaatit UN approval, ATA 300
Materiaali Aluminium
Käyttökerrat Measurment Equipment, Offshore, Military
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