EXTREME IP67 Kuljetuslaukut

EXTREME IP67 vedenpitävät Kuljetuslaukut ovat kestäviä, monipuolisia ja tarjoavat erinomaisen turvan laitteille myös äärimmäisissä olosuhteissa. Max Kuljetuslaukut ovat kustannustehokas vaihtoehto esimerkiksi Peli- tuotteille. Ne tarjoavat iskunkestävän suojan kaikenlaisille herkille ja kalliille laitteille. Saatavana eri kokoja, mukaan lukien pyörälliset vaihtoehdot. Max kuljetuslaukut sopivat erilaiseen käyttöympäristöihin ja monille eri toimialoille.



Etsi kaikista iskunkestävistä kuljetuslaukuista mitan, värin, sisuksen tai valmistajan perusteella

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EXTREME IP67 Kuljetuslaukut

EXTREME IP67 Kuljetuslaukut

Custom Foam Interiors

Custom foam interiors keep your gear safe and snug during transport. No shifting, no scratches. All surface areas receive proper support, no matter what shape or size your equipment comes in. Every one of our foam case inserts is custom designed by our design team in 3D. We pride ourselves on making this process as flexible to our customers as possible, meaning you can have as much or as little input to the project as you like. After everyone is happy with the design, the foam is then cut to size by one of our many foam cutting machines.


Foam Engineering

Custom case interiors can be designed and manufactured for any of our cases and bags. Foam inserts offer ultimate protection for your items and are also great for product presentation. A variety of foam types are used depending on the size and weight of the items it will contain. Flightcases supply a wide range of technical foam materials that are used in a wide range of manufacturing industries. In combination with our self-adhesive coatings and comprehensive foam cutting techniques we are able to supply in many different forms, aminated foam, sheets, profiles, embossed, die cut parts, angle cut, CNC routing,

Manufacturer of protective cases

Flightcases International A/S has been established as a limited company since 1978, we are a family run business with traditional family values. We pride ourselves on our outstanding levels of customer service, quality and competitive pricing while conducting ourselves with integrity.

We have continuously built our industry knowledge and honed our craft to offer the best case solutions to meet the ever-expanding needs of our customers. We manufacture all our foam interiors and all our custom made Flightcases in our own factory in Denmark. We have also production facilities in China where we produce a range of Aluminium Cases. You can always call or write to us in opening hours. We will normally answer e-mails within two hours.

Experience, skills, and technology

We have the experience, skills, and technology to provide single-source service for quality cases and packaging. Our cases are used to secure, protect, transport and display some of the world’s finest (and most expensive) instruments and products–including sensitive equipment for the Military. We are headquartered in Herlev near Copenhagen. We provide cases in a wide range of materials including plastic, metal, and wood - with or without foam interiors. We employ manufacturing processes that include fabricating to deliver high quality products that meet a broad range of exacting needs and specifications.
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